Faith Community Nursing

Your Health + Wellness Food for Body, Mind and Spirit

What does a Faith Community Nurse do? 

Several people asked me about the role of the Faith Community Nurse (FCN).  Briefly, the FCN is a Registered Nurse who protects, promotes, and enhances health and wellness in the faith community, intentionally focusing on spiritual care.  Wellness includes the physical, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual sides of our lives—emphasizing wholeness, rather than cure.  The FCN does not take the place of your healthcare provider or home care but works alongside you to assist you in getting the care you need, supporting you in the process.  

The official description includes:

  • Integrator of Faith and Health—Helping you understand how your spiritual life can affect your physical and mental health, and vice versa
  • Personal Health Counselor—Assisting you in your personal health goals
  • Health Educator—Providing you with information on health topics; understand a diagnosis or provider’s recommendations or orders; setting up educational workshops 
  • Trainer of Volunteers—Collaborating with Parish Care and Health + Wellness Team 
  • Developer of Support Groups—Initiate support groups you need 
  • Referral Coordinator—Working with you to find the services you need for health and wellness; consulting with congregational teams
  • Health Advocate—Supporting you to make health and wellness decisions

I look forward to working together with you in becoming our best selves! 

You may contact me at or look up my phone number in the church directory.

Diane Hosmer RN MSN IBCLC

Faith Community Nurse