Murphys First Congregational Church                   
                     and the United Church of Christ

 We know that choosing a church is sometimes like trying on a pair of shoes. Sometimes the fit is right the first time you try it on. Or you put the shoe on and it doesn't feel comfortable at all. Perhaps you try it on and once you have worn them awhile, you just fall in love with them. Discovering a place where you can grow in your faith can be like that too. We hope you will visit us and "try us out." We love visitors and we want to walk the journey of life with you. Come and see what God is doing!

You can read about our denomination below, but we think you will find us far more exciting than what you see on this page! We believe that all people are God's children and we long for you to know God's love! Visit soon or call our Minister, Rev. Dr. Bonnie Hollinger for a chat!


Our congregation is a participating member of the denomination known as the United Church of Christ, a progressive, forward-thinking fellowship which is on the cutting edge of Christianity in the 21st century. The UCC came into being in 1957 with the historic union of two Protestant denominations: the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches. Each of these was, in turn, the result of a union of two earlier denominations.



 "The United Church of Christ is a multi-racial, multi-cultural church committed to be:                         

"As an ATTENTIVE church, we are committed to listen for God's Word in Holy Scripture, in our rich heritage, in faithful witness, and in the fresh winds of the Holy Spirit so that we might discover God's way for us.

"As an INCLUSIVE church, we are committed to be a church for all people and, in Christ, to celebrate, affirm and embrace the rich diversity of God's good creation.

"As a RESPONSIVE church, we are committed to be a church of justice and mercy and peace so that lives may be renewed, spirits revived, and worlds transformed.

"As a SUPPORTIVE church, we are committed to strengthen Christ's Church through renewed resolve and mutual support in our common ministries."

(For more about the history and characteristics of the UCC visit our denomination's main website.)

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